Results of the Form

For those interested, here are a few changes the league hopes to implement as a result of the responses to our form.


Going forward, as much as possible, all teams will have both a male and a female captain. We will also be asking captains to implement a new team or individual skill each week. This will hopefully help players continue to develop their game.


The league will post both USA Ultimate rules and league specific rules, including gender matching, before the start of league play for teams and players to review and get comfortable with.


The league will be sponsoring a clinic open to all players in or out of the league in either late June or early July. Date to be determined.

Other Interesting Results

There were many comments about trying to keep skill level even across all teams and having captains focus more on improving than on winning. We hope to take some steps forward on this front in the next couple of seasons. We hope to make it clear that teams are never intentionally made uneven, and we have tried to even out skill levels. We also hope you will be patient with us as determining skill level early in the season is very difficult and not an exact science.

We will not be going forward with the company team idea in the near future, though most players did not seem to mind either way.

There were many comments about attendance being an issue. We will try to address this on an individual basis and encourage people not to sign up if they can’t make it to at least 50% of games. Unfortunately things do come up and attendance issues can’t always be foreseen.

The league will be hosting, or at least setting up fields for, some kind of pickup during the week.

If you have more suggestions or questions please contact


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